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When we receive a lunchtime reservation, we require each person to eat at least lunch worth of 17,50 €. Prices »

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Buffet lunch

MONDAY 19.11.

Roasted tilapia with fennelseed sauce G, L

Lamb steak with junipersauce G, L

Roasted root vegetables G, L

TUESDAY 20.11.

Oven roasted salmon with dillhollandaise G, L

Sausage with mashed potatoes L

Vegetarian lasagne L


Deep fried vendace with remoulade L

Tender beef entrecote with dark beer sauce G, L

Vegetable casserole G, L


Pike-perch patties with chivesauce G, L

Bour Bourgignonne G, L

Broccoli gratin G, L

FRIDAY 23.11.

Salmon casserrole G, L

Coq au Vin G, L

Spicy woked noodles L

SATURDAY 17.11. 12-15 25€/person

Roasted salmon with saffron sauce G, L

Striploin of beef with sage sauce L

Casserole with soy beans G, L

Soup lunch

MONDAY 19.11.

Spinach soup G, L

TUESDAY 20.11.

Salmon soup G, L


Pumpkin soup G, L


Pea soup G, L pancake L

FRIDAY 23.11.

Mushroom soup G, L

Please ask the staff about further details.


Buffet lunch and dessert

(incl. warm dishes, generous salad buffet, bread and coffee + dessert)

20,00 €


Warm dish lunch

(incl. warm dishes, one salad, bread and coffee)

10,40 €

Buffet lunch

(incl. warm dishes, generous salad buffet, bread and coffee)

17,50 €


Soup lunch

(incl. bread and coffee) Soup and warm dish 10,50 €

8,90 €

Saturday lunch

(by order, saturdays from 12 am to 3 pm)

25,00 €


Vegetarian lunch

(incl. all vegetarian dishes, cold and warm, bread and coffee)

10,40 €